Tuesday, March 30, 2010

='( ={ :/ =] =} ={ ='(

I had a Very emotional day today. Maybe it's because I didn't have much to do at work, but I sat there thinking about my life and questioned every aspect of it. I know I'm not rational these days and it's getting to me...
I started wondering if I should really get married. (I should) Should I get a new job? (No) Should I wait to go back to school? (I shouldn't but I will because my health is more important right now) Oh, and then the question is "what do I go to school for?"
Of course each question was pondered in great length and detail...just way too much to write, I don't have the patience to type it all out.

I feel like everyone is out to get me, in some way shape or form, my life is just here for people to stomp on me, to get what they want and need and then move me aside. Consciously, I know this is not true, but emotionally, I feel this way today.

I really wish it wasn't frowned upon to bang my head against the wall or to cry at work. ={

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