Friday, April 2, 2010

Staying Positive

A friend from work, whom I've only known for a few months said to me today that he sees a lot of positive energy in me. I take pride in this, although I know I have not been feeling so positive lately. Life seems to have gotten out of my control and I don't know how to cope. Today is a much better day than yesterday, but I am hoping it will get better. 

I had blood drawn this morning for my follow up on Monday morning. I am anxious to know if my levels have come down.  If they have not, I am hoping that I can be put on a different medication. the one I am on now is making me go crazy. :{

Other than this freakin disease, my life is good, no, Great! =) I have  an awesome guy that get to marry in just over a month! Not to mention an awesome job. I live in southern California! I get to see the ocean on my drive to and from work and by just walking out of my office door. With so many awesome things in my life, I still get depressed and negative. I am grateful to know that it is because I have this disease and not that I am a pathetic person! =)

Graves' is my cross to bear, I will carry it with strength and honor. God may give us more that we can handle alone, but He doesn't give us more than we can handle without him!

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