Wednesday, January 9, 2013

HYPER Again...Next Step Is....

I've not been feeling myself at all lately: racing heart, palpitations, sweating, temp fluctuations, foggy mind/confusion and anxiety among some other things.

I've been in remission for over a year and a half but some Big changes have happened in my life and now I've gone Hyper again! 

I went for blood work about three weeks ago, when my Dr.'s office called to say they received the report, they said I needed to come in asap! Thanks to the holidays, I had to wait until yesterday.

My Dr. wants to do something more permanent. I could do RAI (radioactive iodine) or surgery. I have opted for SURGERY, 95% of my thyroid will be removed.

I am really looking forward to having something done, once and for all. I will admit that I am nervous about the surgery, but I know many people have had this procedure done and are now better for it.

My current levels are:

TSH - 0.01 L

T4, Total - 33.3 H
T3, Uptake - 40 H
T4, Free, Calculated 13.3 H

I am hoping that being on 10mg. methimezole will bring my levels closer to normal so I don't have to wait long for surgery.

Keeping my fingers crossed.