Friday, March 29, 2013

Surgery Consultation

I went to my surgery consultation on March 28th. I feel more confident that surgery is the right option for me. My Dr. is great, he's funny, had great mannerisms and I feel comfortable with his experience.
One of my best friends came with me and I know I wouldn't have been able to Absorb all the information had I been there alone. I knew most of what the Dr. spoke about from doing my own research. But now feel much better knowing that what I've read is accurate.

I have some appointments with my other doctors in preparation for the removal. I am on a beta blocker (which makes me feel different, not sure what it is, I just feel there's a change) and I had blood drawn yesterday to have my levels checked. I hope to get the results by next week.

The operation itself does not scare me at all, but the way I will feel afterwards is what is weighing on my mind. I have been aware if being so up and down for the past 3 1/2 years, that I don't know what healthy and "normal" should feel like. Will it be a more physical lightness and calm or will it be more emotional/mental? Or could it be both...? I know I've mentioned in past posts that I believe this is something I've had my entire life. The ups and downs correlate with many events in the past. So having consistent levels from now on will be a completely new experience that I am looking forward to with excitement, anticipation and nervousness.

I will update again when things are more concrete and closer to May 3rd, my surgery date.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers concerns and encouraging words.