Friday, May 27, 2011

Sheesh, where has the time gone...?

It's been Quite a while since I've written, Mainly because I've been exhausted! Working ten hours of overtime a week for the past six weeks...and it'll continue for who knows how long. 

Other than exhaustion, I've been feeling pretty good. I still have the pains in my arms and legs,  arms mostly. My throat is still swollen but not as bad as it has been. My mind is fairly sharp and I've learned to recognize if I'm about to get upset/angry over nothing and able to curb my "want" to release my frustrations...this, I feel is a Big step! ;] I go to my Dr. in July and I'm hoping that the visit will bring me closer to having my thyroid removed.

I wish I had the time energy to put into researching and posting more, but I am Very grateful for the blogs I follow and the sites I'm a part of, to keep me up to date on interesting  and informative articles and studies. But I am mostly grateful for just knowing that I am not alone in my frustrations and fears associated with this disease.  It's been well over a year since my diagnosis and even though I still Feel as though I am no closer to having a permanent solution, I Know that I am on the right path...This is not something that can be cured, nor can any treatment be successfully done overnight. I am still new on my journey, but I have the privilege of being able to connect to others who are suffering and to those who have been successfully able to live full lives with this disease. This give me hope.