Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1 Month in Remission - Update

Well, it's been a month of no medication, yay!! I had my blood drawn this past Saturday and my Endo's office called this morning to report that my thyroid levels are Normal! :) So glad!

I don't need to see him until March of 2012, but I'm a little concerened that I don't need to get tested again until a week before my appt. That's SIX MONTHS of not being tested... Is this normal? Wouldn't it make sense to monitor it, at least biMonthly until then? I guess I sound critical, but this my  health, I don't like to mess around with it! I'm thinking that if things are still ok in October, when I go for my annual physical with my Primary GP, then I'll just sit back and not worry. But if anything changes in how I feel, then I will most definitely look into getting a personal "script" for bloodwork, online.
Hoping to continue in remission "bliss".
On to figure out other the probability of fibromyalsia... The fun doesn't stop.
Grateful for what I have and for what I don't!