Thursday, March 18, 2010

I still get aggravated...

Let me start off saying: I love my sister, very much, and my day was pretty good considering life in general these days. 
My sister is has Down Syndrome, she's 21, funny, adorable, loving, and of course, aggravating... She does not speak very well, sitting in front of her I have a difficult time understanding her but when she calls me (EVERYDAY) I have No idea what she talks about half the time. I try so hard to listen intently, I ask her to repeat herself more clearly, I repeat what I believe she is saying, but with not avail. I want so badly to be able to carry a full conversation with her without getting worked up so much that I abruptly end our calls. I have explained to her that I am not well, that being sick makes me seem mean sometimes, but I'm not sure she understands or at least remembers. Sheesh, I forget sometimes too, so I can't get too upset about it all.

If I am not in physical pain, it's emotional or mental. Not one minute of being just Okay. When will it end?  What options will work for me? Every day I ask myself this, yet no answer has been revealed. 

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