Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cleaning is so rewarding

It sounds so lame when I write it out, but it really is so rewarding. You see the results. I vacuumed and steam cleaned my carpets today. Not every room, but the high traffic areas. It was amazing how dirty they really were. I am home alone this morning due to my fiancé's work schedule. I thought I would be really lonely, but I'm not. At least not today. It's actually pretty nice to blast My music and do my own thing in my own time. Honey, don't get the wrong idea, I don't mind your music, but sometimes it just doesn't cut it... ;) I need music that speaks to Me, songs that I can relate to or can make me feel peaceful...or angrier, depending on my mood... lol. Today, it's been a mix of country, Enya, and Contemporary Christian - Upbeat and some more solemn. oooh, and there's Rage Against the Machine while I'm tackling stains in the carpet... Hahaha...

I've been working on the bathroom all morning, but I just can't seem to focus on it...I guess I better go finish up. I'll write more later, if I remember to.

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