Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying to be Positive today...

Well, I am more and more convinced that I am going back to HypER. 
The symptoms keep mounting. I posted earlier, my list of symptoms from when this all started and I have the majority of them again now. Not still, again. 
The Vitamin D helping my mood has been the biggest improvement since all of this started and I can't say how happy (truly happy) I am that I've seen at least that change.

Ok, so I told myself I won't complain today. I'll look at things in a positive light, well maybe just make up excuses... ;)
  • The weight loss, it's gotten me back to where I was when I was diagnosed. I look pretty good!
  • I don't have to drink as much coffee in the morning as I was.  Save time.
  • I'm making myself think of the pains I get, are aches from walking so much.
  • My lonely feelings, they are for my bed, to just have a lazy time during a gloomy weather day.
  • The shortness of breath, that's just cause I have on a tight shirt and I slouch... My own doing...

Is it wrong that I want to look at things this way?

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