Monday, September 20, 2010

List of symptoms...

I was diagnosed in Oct. 2009.  Here's my list of symptoms with an asterisk by each I still have:
*Shortness of breath
*Extreme hot flashes
Shortened periods/*Extreme cramps
*Joint pain/Muscle pain/Jaw Pain
*Lack of concentration!!!
*Short Term Memory Loss
Shaky hands/mind
*Insatiable appetite
*Weight Fluctuation
*Dry/Heavy eyes
*Swollen Throat/difficulty swallowing
*Digestive inconsistencies
*Hair Changes - texture, loss, curl
Nails even more brittle than ever before
*Increased Allergy Symptoms


  1. Wow.. I was diagnosed 4/25/14 .... I've been trying to figure out exactly how long I've had symptoms ... but in Nov / dec.. I lost a ton of weight, 60 lbs so far...still dropping too.. I'm now on methimazole..20 mg/day..atenolol 100mg/day now ambien 5mg, I've had horrible experiences thus far, I've been sick, weak, tired, fuzzy, forgetful, I lack good judgement, hair loss, muscle weakness, dry eyes, morning hot flashes, GI symptoms that I didn't expect to experience until I was elderly, insatiable appetite, insatiable appetite for sugar, restlessness, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath,
    I'm wondering when I might expect to see some improvement..? I am an RN...but this experience has been an eye opener as either my case is either extreme or I'm just that much more to get every symptom in the book. My TSH..was basically undetectable as it was <0. 007.. my endocrinologist basically figured it was set off by a CT..scan I had that used IV contrast dye....I am at least relieved to hear this and know this, but endocrinologist says that he expects mine to get worse before it gets betyer-even on the methimazole because with all my recent symptoms ...I had been seeing an oncologist whom I was referred to and part of his workup for lymphoma included two CT scans with contrast ...
    Oh, and I've also had increased allergy symptoms too .. beginning with anaphylaxis at work that landed me in the ER being resuscitated .. which in turn I was quickly let go after asking if workers comp might cover...anyway this thyroid thing has turned my life upside down and I'm a little foggy at times so I hope I am making this wording so that you can actually follow along with what I mean to say ...but am ready wondering how long I should expect to have my life completely upside down before it gets better....? Any ideas sounds like yours have gone on far too long , and I am fearful that I would be in an insane asylum by then if mine continue that long and am struggling with this already as I've been basically manic depressive though this point ..

    1. I am so sorry for the delay in response to your comment, I didn't receive notification.

      Everything you described is very similar to what I went through. It took almost four years of Up and Down to finally get it "resolved". I had my thyroid removed in May of 2013. There was a short spat where I was Euro-thyroid ("normal"), but it didn't last long.

      Whatever treatment option you decide to go with, be sure it coincides with what your gut tells you is right for You. Don't let anyone, especially your Dr. push one way or another. As an RN, I'm sure you understand that fully. :)
      I truly hope that the past months since your post, things have improved for you. If you ever need anyone to talk to, feel free to reach out to me.