Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The need for change

Since starting this blog, I believe this is the third template I've used. I think this is the one that will remain the longest. It suits me I believe, I've customized it to my liking, but as anyone, I do get bored. Who knows, maybe in a few more months it will change again.I like change, but mostly only if I initiate it. Change that I cannot control makes me irritable. Watch out world!

The weather lately here in SoCal has suited my moods quite wonderfully. Ever changing!
It's cold, that's how I feel toward my Dr. (even though I know she has my best interest in mind). 
It's overcast with a chance of sun, this is how my days progress, gloomy with a chance to see my best shine through.
It's Sunny and bright, this is how I feel when left to my own devices. When I can sink into my own little comfort zone of JulieWorld.
It's warm, this is how feel toward the people I care about, they have seen me go through so much and are still by my side, even if only in spirit and phone calls/texts.

Speaking of weather, this brings to mind what my Dr. said about Vitamin D (The Sun Vitamin).
I will be tested next round of bloodwork, to see if I really need to continue taking a supplement. I am nervous about this, what will I be like if I'm not taking it? Will my good moods be suppressed again? Will I become depressed again? I think I'll do some research. If anyone has experience with this, please let me know. =)


  1. Julie...Thanks for your comment on my page and thanks for sharing your story. Has the Vitamin D helped you. Out of everything with this disease I can deal with except for the emotional issues. I hope over time with the RAI treatment they will improve, but looking for something in the meantime. Shannon

  2. Hey Shannon,
    I was deficient in Vitamin D so my Edno prescribed for me to take 5,000 ui/2x a week for eight weeks, and since then I've been on 1,000 ui/day. It was the most dramatic change since being diagnosed. I still have my bad days where all I want to do is cry, but for the most part I've been emotionally and mentally "stable" compared to before taking it.

  3. I missed a zero. I was prescribed 50,000 ui 2x/week.