Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Venting...? Not so much anymore...I hope

It's been a year now, almost to the day that I was diagnosed with this awful disease... 
I've used this blog more for venting then anything else, but I want to change that going forward. I want this blog to become a reference point for others who are suffering.
I've researched and researched throughout this past year, and even though I don't feel as educated as I had hoped, I at least know enough to answer the general questions asked by family and friends.

I wanted to list a few sites that I've found useful and encouraging in my search for understanding. I will post more when I get permission from the bloggers I've been following,  I've started making a list to the left under my profile at the suggestion of the first blog's writer. =] (Thanks Christy).

Facebook Group

Having encouraging people  who are dealing with this disease in my life, although I haven't met any of them, has been the best thing for me. I am so very grateful to them all.
I will continue to research and share what I find, whether it be fact or just someone's opinion.

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