Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Okay, I guess the meds are working! =)

Today, feel pretty good. I slept fairly well last night and my head feels clearer. I am hoping beyond all hopes that the pains I was feeling yesterday won't return. 
Checked with my Dr. and she said it's Okay to use allergy medication, I am so glad!

I'm not sure others are taking the Methimezole the same as I. I take two 10 mg a day, both at once. My dr. said some people take them once in the morning and once again at night, but I can do both at once to keep it simple and easy for me to remember. It does make it easier, the way it is already, my alarm on my phone goes off at the same time everyday and I sometimes still have to think what it's

Only 41 days until my wedding, I hope my acne get better by then. If I don't see improvement by my next follow-up (May 3rd), I will request to see a Dermatologist!!!

I will stay positive, this feeling will not go away! (I hope ;) )

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