Thursday, July 15, 2010

I believe it's working...

As I've recently written, the weather here is SoCal has been overcast and dreary. But, yesterday and today have been Glorious! =) The Vitamin D does seem to help my mood, although I am still having the shooting pains. Oh well. I'll get through it...I hope the warmer sunny weather will help. Waking up to blue skies has definitely helped my mentality. To me, that's a huge step! =)

In conversation today with some friends, the topic of Blood Type came up. We read some very interesting articles. I'll posted the links below. I am O+ and strangely enough, the diet recommended for me includes a variable diet of foods rich in iodine! (Not too good for hypER people). One article states that O+ people are prone to hypOthyroid symptoms, guess I missed that part of the blood cell. ;)~ But there are a bunch of things listed that make sense to how I am as a person and how my body reacts to things. So very cool! =) Who knows what else I'll learn from these sites, I look forward to reading more.

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