Monday, June 14, 2010

Two days in...

I haven't noticed many positive changes since changing my dosage.  Instead, I have been feeling even more tired than before, although I have been sleeping for longer intervals during the night... My body feels so weak and useless. It hurts to carry my purse for more than two minuets. I feel so mentally worn out, emotionally "stuck", I really have no other way to describe how I feel. My throat has been feeling swollen, but not to the point of pain, just annoyance. I've also noted that my energy levels have been fluctuating quite drastically. Right now, I've had one large cup of coffee and I feel ready to run a marathon, but when I stand up, I feel so tired and lightheaded.
My heart feels like it's pounding out of my chest just by walking up a couple flights of stairs... ={
I hope beyond all hopes, that this Will get better and that my life Will return to "normal".
A week and a half and I see my Endo., I hope that she will have some better news for me.

Another thing that has me all mixed up, I feel that even though my symptoms are not as bad as others, I can't help but complain and wish it wasn't me. I know every person is different and everyone's body is different, I just feel so guilty for complaining and trying to find a solution to fix My "problems". Things Could be worse, and I am thankful they are not. I hope that I am not making others think I'm a jerk for complaining while they are dealing with worse symptoms than me.

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