Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blood is so cool

Got my blood drawn this morning, worst part, I had to fast! (I'm not a happy person if I'm hungry!) 
I know it sounds horrible, but I like watching the viles fill with my blood. But I don't like the feeling of lightheaded-ness afterward... 

Blood amazes me, how can something so "simple" be so intricate and amazing? How can they know so much from such a small amount? I am so very thankful that it is possible. I can't wait to get my results, is the dosage I'm on doing the job well enough? Do I have to have it increased? Will this be the sample that causes my Dr. to say, "We need a new plan."? I think I'm ready to push forward, not let this disease get to me anymore. I want to be done with it, I need to know what's next!

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