Tuesday, January 11, 2011

=) Thank you God!

I am so very grateful today.
My Endo was so wonderful. I feel so comfortable with him, I was able to talk about how I feel and know that he listened. I am actually looking forward to going back to him and get a true game-plan in place.

I got blood drawn this afternoon and will get the results around the 24th as my Endo is on vacation next week. We will see what medication dosage needs to be then.

With feeling my throat, he said his estimate is that my Thyroid probably weighs about 43grams and for a woman of my age (25 y/o), it should normally be around 25grams - WOW!!!! Almost Twice the Size!!!  SCARY! (to me...)

As of right now, I'm scheduled to go back in six months because he hasn't seen updated labs and will change that if necessary or at the least, we will talk over the phone. =) Very cool to me that this an option...I dislike having to go into an office so often, esp. now as he's a half hour away.

I was also given a website to check out here, it is a joint effort of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and American College of Endocrinology. I am looking forward to see what this site has to offer.


  1. I am not sure about the weight but the upper normal volume is 18 cu cm for women with average 8 cu cm

  2. Hey Julie,
    New follower on your blog, sounds like things are getting better? However, sounds like you've learnt as I have that it won't necessarily stay that way! I got diagnosed with Graves in Jan 09, I'm 26 so seems quite similar? I'm still on meds after 2 years, my levels kept going in the right direction for the first 8 months, then they started to go up again, now for the past few months they seem to have been going down again. I've been on 15mg of Carbimazole for about 2 months, don't know what the equivalent dose is in the American version of the drug, but when I was first diagnosed I was on a LOT more, my Dr has just told me stay on it now until at least the next blood test, yey! I went hypo for some time, put on about 30 pounds, I've pretty much lost most of that again now - thank goodness! My mum reckons I should have the thyroidectomy, but I really don't fancy the surgery! However, 2 years on meds and still not back to normal, hmmm... The worst thing about it for me has been the increased heart rate and being out of breath just going up the stairs, couldn't sleep at first, thought it was anxiety! Anyhow, enough info from someone you don't know there, ciao, Lizzy, UK

  3. Hi Lizzy,
    Thanks for following. Is RAI (radioactive iodine) an option for you? I've heard many people do well with that treatment. I prefer surgery and hope to be able to get it done within the next year or so...