Monday, November 1, 2010

Reducing my dose of meds again...

Ok, so I went to my Endocrinologist today. It's been over two months now since she reduced my medication. (From 30mg/day to 20mg/day) My last visit showed that my levels were raised, but she said I should continue with the dosage. 

Here are my levels from the past few months:

TSH 3rd Gen.: 0.01 - Low
T4 Total: 7.4
Free T4 (T7): 2.2
T3 Uptake: 30

TSH 3rd Gen.: 0.29 - Low
T4 Total: 5.4
Free T4 (T7): 1.6
T3 Uptake: 30

Medication reduced about a week after the above results.

TSH 3rd Gen.:1.4
T4 Total: 6.0
Free T4 (T7):1.8
T3 Uptake: 30

10/25/10 Most Recent
TSH 3rd Gen.: 3.5
T4 Total: 4.8
Free T4 (T7): 1.3 - Low
T3 Uptake: 28

Not sure exactly how read these, so if you do, please help explain...?

My Dr. said that since I'm "obviously Not going into remission", that I should "seriously consider RAI unless I want to have kids right away"... (Does this seem normal?)
She also said "I want to see what reducing your dose to 7.5mg/2x day of methimezole will do for you". 
So, here we visit is in January, hope I don't become too crazy before then.

I was seriously considering finding a new Dr. and actually called to make an appointment, but since I wasn't able to get one right away, I decided that I should hear my current Dr. out and compile all my notes and research together and make sure that it's not just Me being paranoid about my care. I've realized that what my current Endo is saying and doing seems to be quite normal in my situation. If I am wrong, I hope that I will find out sooner rather than later... I do find it odd though that she has Never once mentioned surgery as a possible option...


  1. I am new to what this is. please explain more?
    I pray that there will be healing upon you and that this issue will cease to exist!!!!

  2. Julie do you have the ranges from the blood work? From what I can tell to me it looks like you are possibly starting to go Hypo from the medication, but its hard to tell without the ranges.

  3. Victoria, I'll message you to explain.

    Shannon, I have them at home, so I will post later tonight.

  4. I've got a book that explains the levels and where they're supposed to be - it can be confusing because higher numbers been you're more hypo, lower numbers you're hyper, etc.