Thursday, November 11, 2010

Should I be worried?

So I weighed myself this morning for the first time since reducing my medication. I've lost a few pounds. My other hyper symptoms continue....Anxiety is the biggest one popping up lately, as well as feeling OCD... =( (I've never felt or at least been aware that I feel OCD before being diagnosed)

The one thing that has me a little worried is, I've been feeling so COLD! Now granted the weather is changing, but I live in SoCal, the lowest temp I've seen is 54 at night. But I am walking around with gloves on work with the temp being around 70. My core feels comfortable/warm, but but my fingers feel like they are turning into icicles. Is this "normal" for someone who's hypERtyhroid? Could this be a good sign that my levels are starting to regulate? I hope someone has some insight, I'm baffled.


  1. Be sure and tell your endo about the weight loss! If you're feeling more anxiety since the medication reduction, you may need to go back up.

    Also, when I was hyper, if I was still (like sitting at my desk at work) I liked to have froze. I would run a heater in my office and I know it had to be like 80 degrees, which is really odd with a heat intolerance, but the best I can figure is I was running a low-grade temperature during that time and that's what was making me feel cold. If I was up and moving I was fine, but if I sat for long periods I'd freeze.

    Hopefully that helps - hang in there! And if you think it's too soon to lower your meds, let your doctor know. Be your own advocate.

  2. I suffer from hyperthyrodism also! It is horrible! I'm always cold! And yes my Anxiety is very bad, I'm also starting to feel OCD just obessive thoughts though. I hate it!! Feel free to check out my blog! I"m glad I found yours I'm a new follower :) maybe we can support each other.