Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feeling frustrated...

I've been mentally blocking myself from dwelling on the fact that this Disease still has so much impact on my life. I've been feeling better, but the mood swings are still around. It's like getting hit with a brick sometimes, other times I'll being doing great and slowly but surely, I start feeling angry or sad for no apparent reason. Which of course, in turn makes me frustrated and more angry... I have also been feeling completely disconnected from myself lately. I am looking into the possibility of depression, but I am hoping that it is just an adjustment period and things will improve as time goes on.

I've been doing some research to find out exactly what the antibody is that defines Graves' Disease. I'm tired of only finding articles about Hyperthyroidism and only small mentions of what Graves' actually is. I know the symptoms, I've dealt with them for over a year now...but WTH?!?!? How come there is no New news on this disease?

A few months ago, I watched  "Behind the Music - Missy Elliot", the story of Missy Elliot's bout with Graves' Disease. Although it's great that she is doing well and that Graves' was talked about, I am sorely disappointed in the way it was portrayed. If I knew nothing about the disease and watched that episode, I would Only think, "Oh, poor Missy E, she lost a ton of weight and got really jittery." (Very sarcastically too, of course). Another "celeb" that was in the news for a thyroid issue was Jose Reyes, former shortstop of the NY Mets (now with the Miami Marlins). His bout with hyperthyroidism was dealt with and brushed under the rug within about a month, and he was only "out of commission" for a couple weeks.

To me, these instances are not appropriately portrayed in the media. Any disease that is as debilitating as Graves', Hashimotos' or spontaneous thyroiditus, should have more coverage, better information available and better "Treatment" options,. Not just Fix 'Em and Forget 'Em.
I can't tell you how many times I've read and heard about Drs. who don't want anything to do with patients, especially those of us who want and need answers. The "Specialists" don't seem to know anything more than the basic conditions of Thyroid diseases. Most of the Drs. that I've found online or have been told about, seem to concentrate on Diabetes, with Thyroid problems as just PART of their practices. With Thyroid Diseases affecting as many people in the world as they do, why isn't there more concrete information and why don't Drs. do more to increase awareness?? Why does it seem that these diseases get brushed off the shoulders of Medical professionals and the Media alike? Is it because it's 'Hormonal" issues?

Awareness needs to be raised, not just about the instant impacts of these diseases, but the residual as well.

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