Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ugh, Allergies...Hoping that's it though! =]

Went to the ENT Dr. last night. He seems convinced that my breathing issues are because of seasonal allergies. I'm hoping he's right. 
I was given a steroid nasal inhaler to use every morning, Singulaire for at night, and was told to take Claritin 24hour (w/o the decongestant) every morning as well. I am to follow up in 7-10 days and also get an audio hearing test done. 

On the up side, my blood pressure is down =) and I haven't felt as "crazy" as I have been. I'm still forgetful, but hopfully that will improve with the allergy management.

Here's to feeling fully like myself again soon!!! *clink*   ;]

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