Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's been a seems

Wow, so much has happened since I last wrote...
I've been on quite the roller-coaster emotionally and physically (figuratively speaking). My husband and I moved back across the country from LA to NJ. The packing, the stress!, the packing, the crappy food, the non-stop coffee drinking to stay awake, driving through hills and mountains (roller coasters) and now the non-stop (it seems) Un-packing! Phew, it has been quite a stressful past few weeks.
Right before we left LA, my thyroid was so swollen I could see the perfect outline on my neck. I could barely swallow unless it was food. I was a little worried about the size, but I didn't really feel much different than expected stress so I didn't do anything about it. By the third day into the trip, most of the swelling had gone down...and now it looks back to the normal swelling. Swallowing is still a little difficult, but it's been that way since my reduction of medication. I'm thinking the crappy food and stress were to blame for the larger than normal size... As soon as I get health insurance straightened out, I will hopefully being seeing the Dr. who diagnosed me. He was really nice and explained things well from what I remember. I am hoping that he really is as good as I think...

I am feeling a little stressed/worried/confused lately about this disease. I do feel as though I understand quite a bit about the thyroid, the effects and the way the medication is supposed to work, but what I don't understand nor can I find much information online about is, How will this disease affect me, once my thyroid is under control...?
Graves' is an Autoimmune once my thyroid is not longer affected (by remission, killing it or removal) what part of my body will GD start attacking next? Will it attack anything? I've read about TED (eye disease) and the Graves' Dermopathy. I also understand that having one autoimmune disease makes me susceptible to others, but is there anything else that is possible?

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