Saturday, January 30, 2010

here we go...

So I know I just posted my very first but I feel the need to write some more. It helps me put mind into focus and ease. I may not be able to get my thoughts across in a way that everyone will understand, but I know I will. ;)  

It's Saturday morning, almost afternoon and yet I have no motivation to  get anything done. The phone keeps ringing, we have a new phone number and I haven't put us on the "Do Not Call" list yet. looking into it now. I am about to scream though if it rings again before I can get it done.  - ahhh, done. Thank goodness for the internet. 

We have a neighbor, ugh, a bunch, but the one directly across from us is the most annoying person I have ever met. She and her son act like they own the complex. They Stomp up the stairs, I mean Stomp, not just run or walk but Stomp EVERYtime they come or go. Slam doors, yell - yet they are only talking and bug us for everything imaginable. One of these time I am going to say something and not be nice about it. We've already had to yell at her kid  and his friends for making too much noise. Teach your kids consideration for others, Please!! I'm used to kids and noise, used to sharing space with others so don't think I'm just being snobby, these people are really annoying! Our neighbors below us can be just as bad, yet they choose to make noise at night when we're trying to sleep. They are a group of kids about my age who play music loud with bass pumping through the walls and floors, and the out their windows into the courtyard that echos into our closed windows. I can't tell you how happy I'll be to move into a better place. It's only temporary, it's only temporary...

Ok, I feel a little better having vented. 

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